The Social Media Marketer’s Toolkit in Power BI

davidJust launched a media campaign, monitoring your brand awareness and you need to understand LIVE social media insights?

David Moss, Power BI Solutions Architect , will show you how to summarise your live social media streams in a single Power BI dashboard.

Visualising and monitoring live Twitter trends and comments can assist to control social insights by addressing social interaction when and where it arises, help monitor positive & negative sentiments on your Twitter feed and drill down into specific tweets to reach out to your customers to manage & control your social brand awareness. Even find engagement opportunities and discover influencers and monitor @brand mentions and #hashtags.

In this session you will learn about the Azure Power BI & Cortana Intelligence Suite architecture solution required for your Social Media Power BI dashboard.

Join this session to see how to create an exciting technical social media marketer’s toolset in Power BI.