Nigel Frank International join the UK Power BI Summit

nigelfranksThe UK Power BI Summit are delighted to welcome Nigel Frank International to our conference later this month.

With offices worldwide, Nigel Frank is the global leader in Microsoft recruitment with over 800 Power BI job postings online.

Business Manager Levi Lewis, and Senior Recruitment Consultant Owen Mitchell, will be providing their expert insight into the growing popularity of Power BI and its effect on the contract and permanent recruitment markets.

“We’re finding that a lot more clients have been implementing Power BI in the past 12 months,” Business Manager Levi Lewis explains.

“A year ago, clients we were talking to were waiting to see what other businesses were doing first; they wanted other companies to test BI before they took the leap.

“Now, with the recent developments of Power BI, our clients want to move into BI faster.”

Levi expects demand for Power BI contractors to increase dramatically in 2017 – especially on the contract market. Now’s the time to upskill and make yourself more marketable.

“Not that many people are calling themselves a Power BI specialist,” says Levi.

“So I think there’s a bit of a niche in the market for contractors and permanent employees to align themselves to the Power BI market, get ahead of the curve, and make their CVs more marketable to potential employers. That’s one of the key things we’ll be discussing.”

Nigel Frank International will be at The UK Power BI Summit on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February 2017.

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