Cortana Intelligence Suite – Foundations

In this workshop, you’ll be taught by Microsoft’s Chris Testa-O’Neill, (LinkedIn / Twitter) who has unparalleled experience in teaching difficult data concepts in a variety of Microsoft technologies, to attendees with a variety of backgrounds. An industry and technical community leader, Chris will share his customer-focused experience and expertise with you, and you and your organisation will get a lot out of this intensive one-day workshop.

You will cover a series of modules that guide you from understanding an analytics workload, the Cortana Intelligence Suite Process, the foundations of data transfer and storage, data source documentation, storage and processing using various tools. You’ll also learn how to work through a real-world scenario using the Cortana Intelligence Suite tools, including the Microsoft Azure Portal, PowerShell, and Visual Studio, among others.

Timings throughout the day: 

Start: 9.00am
Break: 10.45am
Lunch: 12.30 – 13.30
Break: 3.00
End: 5.00


Technical professionals (Data Scientists, Database professionals, Analysts, BI Professionals) who are familiar with building solutions but not familiar with the entire CIS Platform of products.

Technical setup requirements

There are a few things you need prior to coming to class:
A subscription to Microsoft Azure must have this enabled prior to class – you will be using Azure throughout the course, for all labs, work and exercises. You can use your MSDN subscription – or your employer may provide Azure resources to you, but make sure you check to see if you can deploy assets and that they know you’ll be using their subscription in the class.
We’ll be using the Data Science Virtual Machine in Azure for the course. It has all the tools you will need to work with the materials. Make sure you’re able to use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from your system to be able to work through the labs.
If you would also like to work with some of the tools locally (you still need an Azure subscription for this class), you can optionally obtain:

What will you learn
In this workshop, you will learn:
– Process and Platform, Environment Configuration
– Data Discovery and Ingestion
– Data Preparation and storage
– Machine Learning
– Deploying and Accessing the Solution

What are the skills taught?

  • Understand the CIS Process (General level), Understand CIS Components (General Level)
  • Set up and configure the development environment
  • Understand how to source and vet proper data
  • Understand feature selection
  • Understand  Azure Storage Options
  • Use various methods to ingest data into Azure Storage, Examine data stored in Azure Storage
  • Use various tools to explore data
  • Understand ADF and its constructs
  • Implement an ADF Pipeline referencing Data Sources
    and with various Activities including on-demand HDInsight Clusters
  • Understand the HIVE language and how it is used
  • Understand how to use Azure ML and how experiments are created, Understand how MRS
    can be used to perform Machine Learning experiments, Use ADF to schedule Azure ML


  • Understand how to evaluate the efficacy and performance of an Azure ML experiment
  • Understand how to evaluate the efficacy and performance of an MSR ML experiment, Access and show data from Azure Storage, Access, and Query Azure SQL DB
  • Understand how to publish an Azure ML API
  • Understand the access methods of Azure Storage and Intelligent Processing
  • Understand the options to send a HIVE query to an HDI system,
  • Use Power BI to query the results of a solution and create reports in Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI in Microsoft Excel
  • Understand when to use each component within CIS