UK Power BI Summit welcome Pyramid Analytics to the event

The UK Power BI Summit are delighted to welcome Pyramid Analytics to our conference next week.


Pyramid Analytics provides business intelligence software that delivers data-driven insights for organizations with advanced analytics and data visualizations.

UK Head Steve Cowell and Principal Technologist Ian Macdonald are looking forward to meeting many of you during the Power BI Summit where they will be sharing their views on how the best BI solution is one that enables organisations to simplify analytics, scale to fit business needs – but with control and governance, collaborate across teams and thus facilitate more informed decision-making.

“Many organisations are seeking to extend the capabilities of self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics to more business users” Steve Cowell observes. “It’s crucial to move away from data and analytics stored on individual desktop computers. Today’s solutions must promote holistic, collective intelligence, built on a foundation of rigorous data governance. Through combining Microsoft Power BI with the centralized, managed and rich functionality provided by Pyramid Analytics’ BI Office, this can become a reality.”

Ian Macdonald is frequently engaged with customers coming to terms with the key areas for consideration when seeking to implement a Governed BI model. “Many organisations can’t use public cloud solutions because of security concerns, administrative challenges, or functional limitations” he says. “Yet, to really be data-driven, these organisations need a centralized platform where users can perform self-service analytics in an IT-enabled environment.”

During the UK Power BI Summit, Steve and Ian will demonstrate how with BI Office, companies can maximize Microsoft BI investments on-premise, reduce security concerns, improve manageability, and give deeper insights—on a web-based, on-premise platform.

Pyramid Analytics will be at The UK Power BI Summit on Thursday 16th and Friday 17thFebruary 2017.

Share your knowledge at EARL 2017 – call for abstracts, San Francisco and London

logo-mangoMango Solutions invite users and developers of R to submit an abstract for one or more of this year’s EARL Conferences.


EARL – Enterprise Applications of the R Language – focuses on the commercial usage and business applications of R. So, if you have a real-world business case use of R and you’re proud to share your experience, we want to hear from you.


It doesn’t matter which sector you work in or how long you’ve been using R, your insights and examples help to make the R community stronger.


Mango have received some excellent submissions so far, but they know there are more great examples in the R Community. Submit your abstract now.


Need assistance?

If you’d like to submit an abstract, but aren’t quite sure if your topic is what Mango are after, please talk to the Mango team via: They’ll be happy to assist you with your submission and can provide advice on how to develop your presentation.


Presenters of all accepted presentations will receive:

A conference pass for the day of your presentation and a ticket to the exclusive evening event/s.


Abstract deadlines:

San Francisco: 24 March 2017

London: 14 April 2017


London EARL will be held on 12-14 September at the Tower Hotel, and San Francisco EARL will be held on 5-7 June at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway.


Submit your abstract now.



Nigel Frank International join the UK Power BI Summit

nigelfranksThe UK Power BI Summit are delighted to welcome Nigel Frank International to our conference later this month.

With offices worldwide, Nigel Frank is the global leader in Microsoft recruitment with over 800 Power BI job postings online.

Business Manager Levi Lewis, and Senior Recruitment Consultant Owen Mitchell, will be providing their expert insight into the growing popularity of Power BI and its effect on the contract and permanent recruitment markets.

“We’re finding that a lot more clients have been implementing Power BI in the past 12 months,” Business Manager Levi Lewis explains.

“A year ago, clients we were talking to were waiting to see what other businesses were doing first; they wanted other companies to test BI before they took the leap.

“Now, with the recent developments of Power BI, our clients want to move into BI faster.”

Levi expects demand for Power BI contractors to increase dramatically in 2017 – especially on the contract market. Now’s the time to upskill and make yourself more marketable.

“Not that many people are calling themselves a Power BI specialist,” says Levi.

“So I think there’s a bit of a niche in the market for contractors and permanent employees to align themselves to the Power BI market, get ahead of the curve, and make their CVs more marketable to potential employers. That’s one of the key things we’ll be discussing.”

Nigel Frank International will be at The UK Power BI Summit on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February 2017.

For tickets, see

Agenda for Friday 17th Feb

The Agenda for Friday 17th February is below. Abstracts and other details to follow.

Please click on the links to find out more about the sessions, and the speakers.

 Time General
Apsley 2
 Birds of a Feather  Roundtable

Apsley 3

 8.15  Registration  Go to Apsley 2 for Registration
 9.00  Keynote with Microsoft’s Power BI team from Redmond: Siva Harinath, Will Thompson .

Jen Stirrup as your hostess, and more guests to be announced!

 Go to Apsley 2 for keynote
 10.00  Chris Webb (Technitrain) Choose your Roundtable:

Data Architecture Roundtable with Andrew Stark (Optimum PPS)

Microsoft Chalk and Talk with Mike Robson and Vanessa Araújo

Enterprise Power BI with Pyramid Analytics

 10.45  Break Break
11.00  Pyramid Analytics: Special news to be announced. Hear it here, first! Data Storytelling Roundtable with Kaye Nightingale (The Marketing Ideas Factory) and Will Thompson (Microsoft)

Microsoft Chalk and Talk with Mike Robson and Vanessa Araújo

 12.00  Jan Mulkens (Ordina) and Kimberly Herman (Ordina) For SQL/DBA power SQL geeks – join this Roundtable to discuss your SQL / DBA issues with Neil Hambly and Trevor Dwyer of Data Movements Limited

Meet the Pyramid Team

Microsoft Chalk and Talk with Mike Robson and Vanessa Araújo

 12.45 Go to Apsley 2 for Lunch  Lunch
 1.30  David Moss Data Governance with Pyramid Analytics

AzureML Roundtable with Jennifer Stirrup (Data Relish) and Chris Testa-O’Neill (Microsoft)

Microsoft Chalk and Talk with Mike Robson and Vanessa Araújo

 2.15 Kate Ross-Smith, Data Scientist, Mango Solutions For SQL/DBA power SQL geeks – join this Roundtable to discuss your SQL / DBA issues with Neil Hambly and Trevor Dwyer

Meet the Pyramid Team

Meet the Microsoft Team Roundtable

 3.00  Break in the Apsley 3 Hall Break
 3.15 Prathy Kamasani (Adatis) AzureML Roundtable with Jennifer Stirrup (Data Relish)

Meet the Pyramid Team

Meet the Microsoft Team Roundtable

4.00 tbd Data Visualisation Roundtable with Kieran Wood and Prathy Kamasani
 5.00  Raffle


Raffle in Apsley 2